I have installed webmethods on rhel 7, later on I have changed my mind and deleted the installation directory where I installed webmethods on rhel7. I hvnt used uninstaller. will this leave any files on my rhel7. if so how can I clean them now?

No, We have not faced any problem. Please internally restart machine once.

For Uninstall products in RHEL please use /bin/uninstall file.

Hi Sandeep,

Though you have deleted the installation directory manually, but there might be a chance that some java processes might be running in the background,
eg ; SoftwareAG Platform Manager. (Which starts automatically after product installation)

So to confirm that there are no processes running you can use the below commands to check and to kill all the running processes under SoftwareAG install directory.

$ ps -ef|grep java

  • It will list down all the running java processes with its IDs

$kill -9

  • It will kill the specific process

Best Regards,