UN/EDIFACT CONTRL: Unable to recognize inbound data as document type


I am trying to accept UN/EDIFACT CONTRL message from my TP. webMethods is splitting the document from envelope correctly, but cannot find doc type for the CONTRL message. TP is sending UNH structure as follows:UNH+00000000010066+CONTRL:2:1:UN’

If I change UNH structure to this: UNH+00000000010066+CONTRL:D:97A:UN’ then wM recognized the CONTRL as D.97A CONTRL doc type.

TP states that based on UN/EDIFACT standards guidelines (not EDI specifications) their method is correct and the wM method; althought matching EDI specifications, is incorrect.

Anyone have experience this issue and any ideas on resolving?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Please review this advantage article and follow the resolution steps to handle 2:1 message version doctype:



Thank you for the quick reply. Will review the Advantage article and try to resolve.

Again, thanks for the help.