UM linkage

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Is it possible to connect UM 9.9 with IS 9.6 version ?

Yes I think. It is possible as both are different components.


Hi Krishna,

I thought this as well, even I have successfully configured UM9.9 on IS 9.6
but when trying to publish any document, it is throwing error , stating [ISS.0153.9009] Unable to send message to webMethods Messaging alias “IS_UM_CONNECTION: com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nChannelNotFoundException: Channel could not be found on the server:Find : /wm/is/CodeReviewDemo/BPM/test_BPM

Channel which should get created automatically is not happening

Hi Ajitesh,

Yes, it should be compatible as Krishna pointed out. But make sure you copy the UM 9.9 client jars to IS 9.6 common\lib folder.


still no luck, getting same error while doing any publish which I stated in above post.
Tried even with creating new realm

Have you restarted the IS after copying the UM client jars to IS?
Also from the error it seems the doc type you are trying to publish is not present in UM. From Designer, right click the doctype, and the option “Sync Document Type” will show up, please push this doc to UM provider.
With this you should be able to see the Channel in UM and subsequently publish your doc.

Hi Ashok,

Yes have restarted IS after copying the jar files
Error which I posted is after clicking on “Sync Document Type” only


Can you list down the jars copied from UM 9.9 to IS 9.6 common\lib folder?

Hi Ashok,

I missed one folder of Jar from UM9.9.
Copied and tried again , it is working now
Thanks for your support

Hi Ajitesh,

For the benefit of others, mention the jar name you copied which helped resolve the issue.


Have copied the entire Jar files from UniversalMessaging-lib folder to IntegrationServer/lib folder including the UniversalMessaging/lib/apache-qpid and UniversalMessaging/lib/soap folders

Try creating new alias and create new UM instance using UM instance manager(9.6) and try to do the connectivity test.

Also check whether you are getting any errors while enabling the new UM alias. Also increase your UM logs to do more investigation.

Let me know still you are facing some issues.

Hi Krishna,

UM version which I am working on is 9.9
Was able to connect UM9.9 to IS9.6 and IS9.9

Yes, I think it’s possible.

Have you tried creating new instance and new alias? What are the errors that you are getting?

Hi Krishna,

Yes I have created two instances and alias and was able to successfully connect the same, please find the below steps and scenario I performed

Description :

  1. Have installed IS 9.6 , IS 9.9 and UM 9.9
  2. Have created two instances on UM 9.9 as umserver1 and umserver2
  3. Connected IS9.6 to umserver1 and IS9.9 to umserver2

Points to be remember :

  1. Jar files from UM->lib folder have to be copied on IS9.6->common->lib folder
  2. UM server has to have atleast one instance on port 9000, because what I noticed was, if it is not using default port 9000, then while connecting with multiple instances it is having some issue
  3. Connection factory, JNDI and JMS configurations have to be done

Ajitesh Srivastava


Whether your issue is resolved now?

But i will not agree with the below point, 9000 is default port, It is not mandatory to have that port. May be your not deleting the exist port properly or you are not creating the instance properly.

"UM server has to have atleast one instance on port 9000, because what I noticed was, if it is not using default port 9000, then while connecting with multiple instances it is having some issue "

Yes , Issue is resolved.

Thanks for the update.

Can you please share the final resolution which can help/guide all the users on board in the similar situations?



In my case, missing Jar files was the issue,
Have to copy all the jars from UM9.9 to IS9.6(IS to which you want to connect your UM9.9) ->common → lib folder in order to remove those channel creation and other related issues