webMethods Nirvana (Universal Messaging) versus webMethods Broker

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I have not worked on Nirvana(universal messaging) and have just started reading about it. The documentation doesn’t seem that exhaustive as of now. But in the upgrade presentations, I read that we would be able to use the webMethods Broker services on Nirvana from webMethods version 9.5/9.6.

I would like to know when to go for Universal messaging. From the client profiles and description it looks like it is specifically designed for high transaction levels. Is there a comparision between webMethods broker capabilities and Universal messaging capabilities? We do not have very high transaction levels, is it suggested to upgrade to Universal messaging?

What other advantages do we get by upgrading to Universal Messaging?

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Universal messaging is a niche messaging product catering to different protocols, low latency and high through-put. More at: http://terracotta.org/products/universal-messaging

UM can do what native broker is doing currently. [not vice-verse]. Native broker is limited to IS.

When to go for universal messaging:

  1. When your business requirement approves the spending :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. You need to design a solution which requires the characters of UM.
  3. When your applications start talking with cloud, mobile and social.



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So, if I understand correctly, if we are using Broker only for pub-sub model, then there is no need to switch to Universal Messaging?

How much do you reckon will be the price difference between the two products considering that even Broker is a licensed product?

We were targetting a couple of features of Universal messaging mainly the active/active clustering. But by the sounds of it, it feels like an overkill for basic pub-sub model requirement.

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If you are only looking for active-active messaging infra, then I suggest switch from native broker publish to JMS. In future you can easily upgrade to Nirvana too, in case you get a good licensing deal with SAG.

Prices depend on client relationship with SAG. You need to check with your project/license management team.



Correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

I need answers to the below questions please:

Before we had webMethods Nirvana Universal Messaging 7.0 and I now it is Terracotta Universal Messaging 9.6.

Does SAG still support “webMethods Nirvana Universal Messaging 7.0”

Can we use Terracotta Universal Messaging 9.6 on webMethods 9.0 or it is supported only from 9.5 and up?

Hello All,
Can you please help me to know how to configure wM with Nirvana messaging and how to publish the document to this.
Please help me to know ,which document I can refer to configure and publishing the document to Nirvana.I am not able to get any specific document for this guide.




Hello All,
In Nirvana messaging apart from sending JMS message(Send JMS),what are the others way we can implement pub-sub model.In any way can we use Pub:publish service as in native broker.

Please give your necessary feedback.


Hi Baharul ,

Nirvana will be the messaging platform from 9.5 onwards but still it will support the broker API’s. You can use pub.publish.* services to do publish subscribe using nirvana.

The webMethods software license for our organization is for Integration Server and Broker. Universal Messaging is a separate license and when I login to the SAG support site (Empower) and list the software products licensed to me for version 9.6, Nirvana Messaging (Universal Messaging) is not in the list. I have not been able to learn about the licensing strategy from SAG about Universal Messaging being the messaging platform going forward for existing customers. As I plan to upgrade from 8.2 to 9.6, I am not able to find Nirvana Messaging (Universal Messaging) as a substitute without paying for a new licensing agreement.

I attended a webEx hosted by SAG some time ago and the host made statements implying that Universal Messaging would be the messaging platform going forward but no information about licensing. I would like to hear from SAG about their licensing strategy for their messaging products.


You might have to talk to your SAG Regional Sales Rep on the licensing topic and settle out.Most likely they issue a separate license agreement for the UM (as Broker still lives on)


One difference I noticed between UMS based messaging vs Broker based messaging is:

Through IS Admin web console, triggers which are set to concurrent processing are allowed to change max processing thread count for Broker based triggers, but not for UMS based Triggers.

Don’t know why? In the past Broker/JMS triggers were allowed to update concurrent threads max count via IS Admin.

@ Ashish
Thanks for posting the difference.

One more :lol:

If you want to configure load balanced durable subscriber on JMS topic, in UMS you’ve to use Shared Durable Topic Connection Factory (to even allow multiple triggers with same durable subscriber name to connect). Tested on 9.5 UMS/IS.

In Broker you’d to do that via MWS by going to Topic screen and selecting shared state = true (tick the box), besides having same durable subscriber and client prefix.

I’m sure I’ll find many more over the next few weeks :slight_smile:

Very informative discussion, really helped building initial understanding of it.


As far as I know about the current statust according to licenses and pub/sub:

Universal Messaging is not yet compatible with the native pub/sub model known from the broker.
But they are currently working on it and it will be available in one of the next releases (either 9.7 this autumn or the release in spring 2015).

About the licenses:

As far as I understood it is not possible to have both products (Broker and UM) licensed at the same time, only one of them.
In the case you plan to switch to UM contact your Sales Rep and they can arrange the adjustment of your license agreement with you.



As i understand form this dicussion and available documentation these two products are mutually exclusive (Broker & Nirvana Messaging). So if one has to continue supporting existing interfaces and leverage Nirvana capabilities in the upcoming integrations then can it be done on same platform?

If yes then please guide as to how to achieve it.

Please correct if my understanding is not aligned.


Hi Guys,

I am not posting a new topic as many UM experts have already replied to this topic. Hence I am posting my queries here :). I have few/many questions to discuss 8)

Firstly, I downloaded Universal Messaging (trial version) Windows 64-bit, but the installation steps mentioned in the link below does not match my screens. The screens in the link says “Software AG webMethods Nirvana Messaging” but its not the case now. Where as my screens say “Terracotta Universal Messaging” which is correct.

Not sure I might be wrong, correct me :slight_smile:


I request the moderator/concerned team to change the installation steps accordingly on the above mentioned link so that it will be helpful for the audiences.

Secondly, Starting the Realm Server - How do I confirm that my Universal Messaging Realm server is started and running?

Thirdly, How to access the Universal Messaging log file ?

Lastly, Does free trial UM supports “Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager” How can I start “Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager”

I figured it out myself. Thanks… :idea:

Any comments are still welcome. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

When I start UM Realm Server from All Programs I am seeing the below error:

Unable to locate the application’s ‘main’ class. The class ‘com.pcbsys.nirvana.server.Server’ must be public and have a ‘public static void main(String[])’ method. (LAX)
Unable to Launch Java Application: Unable to locate the application’s ‘main’ class. The class ‘com.pcbsys.nirvana.server.Server’ must be public and have a ‘public static void main(String[])’ method. (LAX)

What does this mean? Does anyone faced the same error?