UM downtime scenario

Hi All,

I have UM connection established between IS and UM using for native pub-sub. I have some doubts on below scenario when UM goes down.

  1. We have CSQ as enabled so , IS will be storing all publishing document to its messaging queue when UM is down. But question is how long time it will be on hold in IS like until IS restart or some specific time ? Document type is guaranteed documents.
  2. Where IS store documents like in file system or in memory. Suppose if IS get restarted or entire system get re-started where both IS and UM is residing. Still documents will be available after everything came up ?
  3. Or in scenario if someone disable/enable UM connection or tigger while documents was residing in IS due to UM outage .

It will be good if some one can help me in those points.

Thanks in advance

Baharul Islam

AFAIK the csq is file based and they are persisted if the messaging provider is not available or down. IS checks for the messaging provider and once it is able to connect it will process the messages automatically in the order they are stored in csq, there is a setting for the same.

You can run a simple test and check the above scenarios on your local server. Let me know if you have any questions.

Right. CSQ uses Derby database. All persistent messages will be stored on disk.


  1. Messages will be held till you delete connection alias explicitly.
  2. File based. You can restart IS and/or UM as many times you have to.
  3. Message will be retained even if you disable connection alias.

Messages will be published to UM, once both IS and UM are up and connection alias is enabled and connected.

  1. I believe they will stay forever or until you delete the …\instances\default\db\LWQ_DB_MESSAGING_CSQ folder.
  2. They will stay in the LWQ_DB_MESSAGING_CSQ folder. You can restart IS\UM and still be able to pick the pending messages from CSQ.
  3. Same answer as Sandeep.