UM configuration to set up dedicated port for inter-UM cluster node communication


Our intent is to set up dedicated network drive for inter node communication for the 3 nodes of the UM cluster.
To be able to achieve this, we need to follow the below steps.

  1. We set up a dedicated UM interface used for interrealm communication to listen on a dedicated port via EM.
  2. We can create a new interface on each realm and under Comms > Interface > Basic tab set properties:
    Allow for InterRealm = true
    Alow Client Connections = false
  3. On same tab for the standard interface we can then reset the Allow for InterRealm property to false and only allow client connections there.

But the next question is :
How to assign the listen port for inter realm communication interface to a dedicated network card.

Please advice.


when you create the interface in step 1), you will see a field Interface Adapter. The default value is, which means that port will be accessible via all IP addresses that machine has. If you want to bind this to a specific network adapter, then enter that adapter’s IP address in the Interface Adapter field when you create the port.

Thanks Jonathan.
I shall try.

I tired and it worked.
There is traffic on the network adapter.

But what is the best protocol for inter-node traffic?
Is it nsp pr nhp?

Generally nsp is preferred over nhp, unless you need to traverse firewalls and proxies.