Error in UM while starting the interface


When i try to start the relam server i get this message in the nivana.log
Interfaces Running :
[Tue Jul 05 10:29:25 UTC 2016], 0) nhp0: nhp:// Error Cannot assign requested address

Server is started, as i see the pid but i am not able to login to realm from EM.

Please guide.

Hi Kavitha,

please check if there is another instance running on the same port.

Which UM version are you using?


one other thing to check: did you specify a bind address during installation? If so, is that a valid IP address of the machine you are running on?
Generally it is easier to specify as the bind address, which allows the UM server to be reached on any valid IP address that machine has.

Kavithav – Are you sure no other instance is running with that address and port ?


Thanks All,

the issue was with the LB URL not mapped to any instance.

Glad to hear, thanks for updating the thread.