Not able to connect REALM (UM) to Enterprise Manager

Hi All,

Am not able to connect from UM server to Enterprise Manages, actually UM server is running, but I have observed in sever command line like below

nsp:// stopped

nhp:// Running.

Actually I have changed some configuration things in EM under comm tab, under interface, means I have added new adapter i.e nhp and enabled it & running, nsp has stop, after that nsp adapter is not connection, even though nhp also not connected, please let me know where we have to change interface adapter i.e nsp/nhp things, how to connect to EM, please find attached screen shot.



That screenshot is showing that NHP has started successfully, given they are the same port and address you can only have one of interface active at a time.

You should be able to connect EM at nhp://localhost:9000 on the same machine as the server, if it doesn’t work perhaps just restart the UM Server process and try again.

If you cannot connect at all you may need to remove a file called adapters.nst in the realmSpecific folder of the server data directory which will restore it to default setup.



Hi Joshua,

I have deleted adapters file from RealmSpecific folder, now am able to connect UM through “nhp” protocal. Thanks for your suport.