Unable to access Enterprise manager

Hi Folks,

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I have configured UM clustering ( active - active )using 3 nodes.

All the three nodes are up and running fine. And when I try to access enterprise manager from node 1 I am getting an error as below ,

“RNAME Error: No protocol Supplied” ( getting this error pop up more than 15 times )

But from the other two nodes EM is working fine.

FYI : I have environment set up on Linux. Using Xterminal I am accessing EM on Windows.

Did any one faced the same problem before ? Please help me to get rid of this.



is your Enterprise Manager the same version as the UM server you are connecting to?

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes it is. In fact this UM instance has been created using ./ninstancemanager , also on other two nodes it is same.


I don’t quite understand your configuration.
You have:

  • 3 UM realms - all on same Linux machine?
  • EM installed on a different machine on Windows

Is the cluster already configured?
When you run EM, which realm(s) are you able to connect to?
If you have problems, what are the steps you choose in EM and what error comes up?

Hi Jonathan,

I have e different UM instances on three different Linux servers. and each server has its own EM as well.

Yes I configured UM Clustering using all thee nodes.

I access EM by exporting DISPLAY variable on Linux to windows machine ( using Xterminal on windows ).


When I try to access EM which is on node 1 I am getting the below error

" RNAME Error: No Protocol supplied "

But when I try to access EM which is on node 2 and 3 it is working fine and all three UM realms are connected in cluster.


Thanks for clarifying.
If you run EM on node 2, can you connect to UM realm on node 1 (using Connections > Connect to Realm)?
Also, if you run EM on node 1, can you select Connections > Connect to Realm, and then enter the correct URL in the following format:

Yes I can connect to all three UM Realms when run EM on node 2 and node 3.

Even when I run EM on node 1 I used to connect to all three UM realms using the appropriate URLs.

But now the problem is when I run EM on node 1 it is getting hanged by popping up the below error. Hence I could not access or connect to any realm on it.

Error: " RNAME Error: No Protocol supplied "


can you look in \UniversalMessaging\java<realmname>\bin\nenterprisemgr.conf on node 1?

Check the following line:

What is the URL at the end of this line?

Please share the URL which you did use ?


URL is DRNAME=nsp://localhost:9002 ( I have created the instance to run on 9002 port )

Are you sure, you used nsp while creating Realm but not nhp, can you try to use nhp and give a try. Ideally it should not but just give a try.


Are you sure, you used nsp while creating Realm but not nhp, can you try to use nhp and give a try. Ideally it should not but just give a try.


I tried that but still no luck. Getting same error.

Attached error screenshot for your reference.


on my local environment, I am able to get that error if I run EM, then choose Connection > Connect to Realm and enter a URL without a protocol, i.e. localhost:9000 instead of nsp://localhost:9000
If you are getting it on the initial startup of EM, then it does imply a possible issue at installation or realm-creation time.
When you click OK on that error popup, does EM shut down? Or are you able to select Connection > Connect to Realm?

It is coming up initially itself and that pops up for more than 15-15 times. If I click OK it is allowing me to connect to the realm. ( Some times it gets hanged and wont allow to do any operation ) .

But after that when I check cluster summary node 1 is appearing as offline.

FYI: This entire set up was working fine earlier.

Attached the screenshot of cluster summary for your reference.


there seems to be something wring with your EM connection details. Seeing as this i Unix, I’m not sure how that works. May I suggest you raise a support ticket to help resolve this?

Venkata – Can you see any issues with the permissions, can you plz make sure under security all ACL’s are marked.


Yes that also I have verified. All ACLs are marked for all three realms.

Attached screenshot for your reference.

Venkata – Things are looking normal as per our discussion in this thread, as Jonathan suggested, please raise a ticket to SAG support.


This issue is resolved.

Though I did everything including a fresh installation on entire WM stack on the server did not fix this issue.

There was some junk ( realms.cfg , some other stuff ) persisted under user’s specific directory which is under home ( /home/user_directory) .

I have cleaned all these junk under /home/user_directory and restarted the EM and it is working fine with out any issues.

Thank you all for your inputs.