Unable to connect Enterprise Manager with RealM(UM)


I am using webmethods 9.9, I am able to establish connection with UM from my IS using JNDI connection with message “Test lookup successful”, but when I try to connect my EM I got error “Unable to establish connection”. Is there anything I need to do on server

Check the following -

  1. If the realm URL in the Enterprise Manager (EM) correct - it might be connecting to the default URL
  2. If you’re using the same version of EM - I’ve had issues when I mix versions
  3. If the realm DNS/IP is reachable from the machine where your EM is located
  4. If you’re accessing the EM from your machine and you still have issues, then try and use the EM that you’ve installed on the UM server - or, vice-versa


Hi Kasi
Thanks for reply, I just verified the UM port 9000 is not accessible from my machine but port is open on network level and I have successful connection between IS and UM. Is there anything i need to enable on UM to be accessible outside.

Nothing special is required - just the basics that I mentioned.