Universal Messaging Cluster with 2 Realms

Hello Good Morning.

Could anyone guide me how to implement UM clustering with 2 realms which are in different box.

I have implemented but its not working.
Here are my steps how i have implemented.

  1. Added both the realms to Enterprise manager.
  2. Created Cluster by including both realms in the cluster.
  3. created site with node 1 to Isprime flag to true.
    Below are the issues that i faced.
    Both the Realms are showing as Master. in the cluster summary tab.
    According to the guide it says if we create JNDI assets in one realm in the cluster should be availabe in the other but its not happening. Hence creating it manually in both the realms.

So could you please guide what all the steps to follow and make sure that cluster works with 2 realms.


Which version of UM that you are using? Is there any errors that you have been identified in logs?
Can you also provide your Enterprise manager-> cluster screen shot for our investigation?

Hi Muralidhar,

Before creating a cluster of two realms, did you delete everything(including naming/defaultContext) under one realm and then tried creating the cluster?
Once the cluster is formed, you will be seeing small cluster symbol for all the objects in the cluster(including realm names).

Once you form a cluster as said above, you will be able to create JNDI objects using any realm’s JNDI tab and the corresponding object will be created on both realms. In the cluster summary tab you should be seeing only one realm as master.

Once the cluster is formed, go to Sites tab of the cluster and create new site. Add your first realm to it. Do the similar step to create second site with your second realm. You can then set IsPrime flag for any of the site.


Hi Ashok,

Thanks for the reply.
I have not deleted the including naming/defaultContext. so do i need to delete it in both the realms?

could you help me to follow the step by step procedure to create UM clustering ?

is there anything we need to set in filesystem/unix for communication for both the realms ?

If possible can you share you mobile number ?


UM 9.8 version.

Please find the attached screen shot.

Hi Ashok/Krishna,

In the clustersummary tab , one shows online and other realm shows offline .
what is the correct behavior is it both should be online ?

for cluster creation between two realms do we need to open firewall between them to communicate.

Follow the below procedure-

  • Delete the current two realms by using command prompt

Sample Command:

ninstancemanager.bat delete  [b]realm_name[/b] RS
  • Create the new realms by using the below commands
    ninstancemanager.bat create realm_name1 RS 9000
    ninstancemanager.bat create realm_name2 RS 9000

  • Start both realms

  • create a cluster and add two nodes into the cluster

  • Create a site and enabled IsPrime flag for one of the node.

Go thorough the UM guide for more info.

  • Krishna
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If you are able to add your realms to your Enterprise manager, then it’s fine. No need to open a firewall.

Otherwise you have to think whether it’s required to open a firewall or not.

Try to create new realm instance and try to create the site.

The commands which i have given are for windows environment. I think you are using UNIX box, please use the .sh files instead of .bat.

ninstancemanager.sh delete realm_name RS

  • Krishna

You don’t need to delete the realm. You can chose to just delete the cluster. You may opt to delete the cluster stores when prompted.

  1. After this, in one of the realm, remove all the elements including naming/defaultContext.
  2. Create a cluster again. You should see one realm as master and other as slave in the cluster summary tab. You should also see small orange cluster symbol for the cluster objects.
  3. At this point, if you want to create any cluster topic or queue, go to JNDI tab of any realm and then create them. You should see that object seen in other clustered realm as well.
  4. Now select the cluster, go to sites tab, create two sites selecting each realm.
  5. Also set IsPrime checkbox for one of the site.

You are now having two node realm cluster with sites configured.

Hi Ashok,

But the other realm is not showing as slave or anything it just shows below screenshot.

could you please share the screen shot the cluster summary how it looks for 2 realms and step by step proceudre.

Why is your prdum01 realm sees prdum02 as Offline? Are both the realms on two different host machines separated by some firewall?

It seems both the realms are not able to see each other. Both the realms should be able to list details of other realms in cluster as shown in screenshot2.

Hi Ashok,
Thanks for the update.
Yes both the server/realms are on different host. So is the firewall required to be opened ?

if so the firewall is opened.

please find the screen shot of both the realms but i see one difference in the realm1 and realm2 in the interface name.
please find the below error of nirval log
[Thu Mar 03 07:12:33 EST 2016],Failed to initialise fURLDriver for localhost2:15000/ssl=false with LoginContext=com.pcbsys.foundation.security.fDefaultLoginContext@27b05403 - java.net.SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out
[Thu Mar 03 07:12:33 EST 2016],Failed to connect to remote host

It seems you created the second realm instance using the same port 15000 which should not be the case.
Please delete the cluster and the second realm and create a fresh realm using ninstancemanager.sh as described by Krishna, but make sure to use a new port which is not used.

like…ninstancemanager.sh create all

After creating the new realm, delete all elements under it and then create a new cluster. Follow the rest of the steps as described before.

Hi Ashok,

Thanks for the update.

But the host are different in both the realms .
do i still need to give with the different port ?


OK…I am sorry…if the hosts are different you can use same port.

What are you seeing under prdum02->Comms->Interfaces. Is it showing value for Adapter as or p1p0msg02… as per your screenshot?

If it is showing that p1p0msg02…Delete the cluster first and try creating a new interface(clicking Add Interface) in prdum02->Comms->Interfaces tab. Now use as interface adapter. Make sure to select ‘Auto Start’ checkbox. With this you should be able to see new interface added to your prdum02.

Now delete the previous interface in prdum02 and try starting your prdum02. I think your prdum02 will start with the new port. Not sure this method works but give it a try.

If it doesn’t work, try creating a completely new instance on second host with new port value and form the cluster using EM.

You can use the same port as both realms are in different machine.

Can you please guide why i’m getting this error .in nirvana.log

[Fri Mar 04 06:41:22 EST 2016],Failed to initialise fURLDriver for localhost:9001/ssl=false with LoginContext=com.pcbsys.foundation.security.fDefaultLoginContext@1de0216b - java.net.SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out .
[Fri Mar 04 06:41:08 EST 2016],Cluster> Cluster State Manager: Failed to establish viable cluster, resetting links

Do i need to do any configuration ?
please help in getting it fixed.