UDDI and webService Provider

Hi I want to know the following:-

  1. How to create user in UDDI registry to search and publish webServices.
  2. I have a Provider service eg: receiveOrder, I have created a Provider WS, I want to expose this service to outside world what should I need to do.

A Mishra

Comments below:

1> Regarding UDDI registry first you should be able to connect to UDDI registry from wM developer hope you have all the required information to open a UDDI registry session. A valid UDDI v3 registry account, configured with the proper permissions to perform UDDI activities

2> Expose your WSDL file. You can check the same on SOAP UI. If you want to publish to UDDI, Only provider Web service descriptors are published to UDDI using Developer.

For more information refer Chap. 4 Publishing IS Services to a UDDI Registry as a Web Service from 7-1-1_Web_Services_Developers_Guide.pdf


Mahesh, thanks for your reply,
Can you elaborate more on this, Actualy I wanted to know the steps to be followed to configure a user in UDDI registry. And steps to publish the Provider wsdl.

A Mishra

Do you have UDDI registry (For eg., Centrasite registry, jUDDI or any other public UDDI registry)?

Are you trying to do a POC?

Yes I am doing a POC. The input of UDDI Registry in developer is
username and Password, can we provide the same(Developer) username, Password to login. If not then How did we create a user in UDDI reistry for login.


As informed you above the pre-requisite is to have a UDDI registry first setup and then try to connect to it from webMethods developer.

If you are looking for public UDDI registry explore the same on google or try to use jUDDI.

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