UCCNET Port Setup

Can anyone offer any assistance on how to define the 4080 port on the wM Integration Server? Or direct me to where it is documented? I’ve looked through the UCCNET and EDIINT manuals, and none of them mentions how to do this. I’ve defined and enabled port 4080, but when UCCNET responds back they get “Access denied” error.

Also any other tips for setting up UCCNET would be appreciated. I’ve talked to UCCNET and they receive my “queryWorklist”, but it is being rejected because the format just isn’t right. We’ve followed the instructions in the UCCNET manual, so we don’t know what we’ve done wrong.


The documentation for setting up ports is in the Integration Server Administrators Guide. In Configuring your server there is a section for configuring ports. The document is in IntegrationServer/doc folder.

For the other issue referenced regarding queryWorklist, please open an issue with technical services. 1-888-222-8215


With your help I was able to get the port open for UCCnet, but the Administrators Guide just discusses how to define port in general terms. It doesn’t address what I had to do for UCCnet, which was to use Developer and change the ExecuteACL for the service wm.EDIINT:receive to Anonymous.
This steps needs to be added to the UCCnet Installation Guide.