UCCNet package 605 migration

Hi Experts,

My client has an UCCNet solution running on webMethods UCCNet v 6.0.1. webMethods recently released a new upgrade which supports UCCNet version 3.0 document types to which my client is planning to upgrade soon.

Any idea about the migration path required for this? Appreciate your thoughts.


I have the same question, only we are migration from 6.0.3 to 6.0.5; and we are wondering what affect this is going to have on our current integrations.

Your question is a bit vague. Are you asking if there is new functionality in UCCnet v3.0? Or, are you asking how to deploy the new package?

If you are interested in new functionality, your client should be able to tell you what it is and how they want to take advantage of it.

If you are interested in a rollout plan for the new UCCnet package, deploy your changes in a QA environment and point to the UAT environment of UCCnet. Once your client is satisfied that all is OK, release it to production.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply. My question was about migrating the solution and not about new functionality in UCCNet v3.0. The new document types in UCCNet Package V6.0.5 differs structurally from earlier versions and some new data elements are added.

What I understand now is that,It is not going to be a seam less migration where I can just deploy the new packages, test in respective environment and “Go-live”. I have to re-develop the maps completely as input and output document type for respective transactions changed to support UCCNet v3.0 specification and do all the steps involved in migration / upgrade.

Appreciate sharing of any experience by experts in this forum.

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So you need to re-develop the maps without requirements from the business? At some point, you will have to have the business users sign off on your design.

If this is the case, you probably need more info than you can gleen from wmusers.com. UCCnet has been a moving target for years. For example, their RCIR has gone from a one-key design (GTIN was the unique key value), to a three-key design (GLN, GTIN, and target market make a unique RCIR).

The only way to come up with a good implementation design is to have a solid grasp of UCCnet. In my opinion, this domain knowledge should belong to a business person, not someone developing Flow.

Sounds like you are a consultant when you mention your client. Make sure your SOW starts at the right place. Either your client will provide you with requirements from which you can re-develop the mappings, or your SOW begins with helping your client understand v3.0 of UCCnet. If the latter is true, have your client pick an internal champion. Have your client pay for training for you and the champion.

This is a lot more than a re-mapping project.

Thanks Chris for your insight. Your point is well taken.

As you said I need to get more information from my client.

Thanks a lot.