Two Questions

:smiley: Good Morning KarlHeinz, I trust your trip back home went well. Thank you again for making our 13th Natural Conference such a great success!!! I have started to “debreif” my fellow team members on the events at the conference. I started off yesterday by showing them “Project Augusta” from the slides your shared at the conference. Of course, they were amazed (as was I) at what they saw. They all wanted to know one question, which I do not remember if it was touched on in the presentation. So that is my First question:

How much will “Project Augusta” cost and will it be a normal upgrade or a separate product to purchase??

My second question is:
Where do I find the “Natural Developer Certification” course that was memetioned in one of your last slides. Some of us would like to take the test!!! I did a “search” of the SAG website and found nothing??

My Best

Hello Paul,
Thank you, Iam back from Boston and now also from my holidays :cry: .
I also think we had a great conference with many news and good
To your questions:

  1. the pricing of the several parts of the Augusta project has not finally be decided.
  2. Its good to hear, that you are interested in the Natural Certification. The Natural certification will be anounced soon in the web. In addition I will take care, that it will be anounced through the developer’s community.
    best regards Karlheinz

:smiley: Thank you Karlheinz for your reply…We will be looking forward to hearing what the pricing will be, Our group seems VERY interested…Also will be checking the web site often for information on Certification test.

My Best