Source Control with Natural

In our environment we are currently using Natural for Mainframe, fairly up to date version.
The developers are developing on the mainframe - green screen.
We are also using PAC for version control.
However, PAC does not provide the same functionality and integration that you get when you use say, SubVersion.
We are at a stage now where we are expected to make changes to hundreds of programs simultaneously so we must have a full proof, flexible source control system. I somehow do not think that PAC will do.

Is there any white paper discussing the use of Natural in a flexable, fully fledged source control environment like SubVersion.
Any suggestions of what we can use?

I am thinking of using Natural on Eclipse and making using of SubVersion in that environment. But even in such environment I am looking for some himts of how to set up the environment so that it integrates well with the mainframe where we keep the sources and works for us.


Hi itsik,
I`m far VERY from being of any “adviser” regarding such a matter, but I’d like to point your attention to Mercurial:
a DVCS (the key word is “distributed” taking into account your quite specific requirements). I’ve read about it purely by chance and did not try it out; as such it would be on your own “risk” to attempt to integrate it with “mainframe”:slight_smile:


Thanks Nikolay
I will definitely have a look at this option.

Hi Nikolay
Mercurial is a distributed source control management tool with interesting capabilities. However, it lacks the capability to integrate with the mainframe out of the box :cry:.
The “distributed” feature is not really important here as the developers and the mainframe can be considered to be co-located.


we deliver with NaturalONE (ant) scripts for deployment from subversion also to a mainframe.
so you can depploy directly from SVN into a e.g. PAC controlled environment and then continue
the PAC way as you do today.
Alternatively we deliver an LCM (life cycle managment system) based on centraSite also working together with
best regards Karlheinz

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Thanks Karlheinz for your response.

Can you maybe refer me to a white paper where the implementation of this concept from a SoftwareAG perspective is discussed?
Is there maybe an online demo that I can view/play with?

I must admit that besides the nice feely/touchy stuff of working on Natural code in an Eclipse environment, I could not see any tangible evidence for a successful implementation of a solution around source control management from SoftwareAG that can also talk to release management as well as requirements managment. Again, I might be wrong here, hence the request for a white paper/online demo.
While the topics I mention are big elephants and will not be implemented by us immediateley, this is definitely the way to go.


I wrote an article in the TECHniques :
please check also in Empower under usergroups the presentation from J. Wohl from the IUG meeting in Berlin this year.
quite interesting how customers are implementing deployment/LCM with NaturalONE-> mainframe.
best regards karlheinz

Hello Karlheinz,
somehow I am unable to open this presentation in Empower, I just end up with “Internet Explorer cannot open this website”. Is there some other way to get it ? I would be very interested to see what it says…

Ronald wijchers


that presentation is a PDF document, in case IE can’t open that directly,
what about right-click → save as ?

Cheers - Wolfgang

No, that’s not the problem. Other presentations work fine, just not that one… But I have had more problems with SAGs different sites lately, so it might not necessarily have anything to do with this specific document. I just tried again and now I cannot even get into Empower, IE just times out.


I can mail it to you (or put it on the FTP server), if you like, just let me know (I don’t want to send it unsolicited)

It’s a 3.3M PDF, or 2.6M zipped.


Hi Wolfgang
I do not have access to empower so I would appreciate if you could mail the document to me. Zipped version please.


I’d need your mail address for that, I’m afraid :wink:

Let me try something different, as this appears to be of wider interest I’ll
see if we can get it posted to the community collaboration pages.

I’ll ship it to Ronald

  • I have his address…

I do have it as well, I just didn’t want to send it unsolicited :wink:

Thanks guys, I got it from Finn in the end.

I have made my email address public.
Wolfgang/Finn, can you please send me the document?


I have added it as attachement, then its available for anyone.
best regards Karlheinz
SAG_WhatsNew_LCM-NatONE_Sum11_D4.pdf (588 KB)

Thanks Karlheinz,

as it was just published in Empower I wasn’t sure if you wanted it to be distributed publicly.

Best regards,


Thanks Karlheinz