Versioning of Natural objects with cvs

Hello everybody,

I would like to add versioning to our Natural environment (SLES8, SpoD) and if possible I want to use cvs. Has anyone tried to do that before? I do not want to add any access to cvs from within Natural studio, but I have two problems to solve (from what I know now):

  1. manipulating the contents of an fuser directory invalidates the filedir.sag
  2. I would like to have a different fuser-environment (or at least different libs) for every developer, to avoid any conflicts between them. The private fuser/lib only holds what you are working on, the common objects should reside in steplibs.

For 1) maybe ftouch could be the right approach (as discussed in the thread above), for 2) the biggest problem seems to be the bufferpool on the server, that always holds one version of any object that was already used before and therefore it may not reflect, what you would expect from your steplib structure.

As I do not really want to spend much time doing experimental work, I would appreciate any idea in this area!



As far as 2) goes, DBID/FNR are part of the bufferpool “key”, if you assign “private” FUSERs to every developer, you won’t run into conflicts.

With PAC on Open Systems (release planned by end of this year) and
a corresponding Natural Patchlevel, we will add a CVS Plug-In to the Natural Studio.
In the Local environment you can use then the Plug-In without having PAC, for the remote environment PAC is a prerequisite.
best regards Karlheinz

Sorry for the (maybe stupid) question. But: What is “PAC”?


Software AG’s integrated versioning / lifecycle management tool for NATURAL and foreign applications.


Then I’m glad. I don’t have to learn something about “P1 Artificial Chromosomes”. :wink:

Hi Karlheinz,

This is a little off topic, but since you mentioned the planned plug-in I was wondering if there was someplace that had a list of planned or proposed plug-ins for Studio? If not then could I suggest a “sticky” in this forum to provide potential new things for future Studio patch levels? (other than the normal fixes).

Take care,

Hello Chad,
Good Idea.
I will discuss it here internally and let you know,
best regards Karlheinz