Natural develop infrastructure

Hi people, as you know PAC for Linux is not available. What kind of versioning solution do you use for Natural ojbect?

As Adabas data are on Linux and typically the developer use a Windows PC, my idea is to use

Adabas on Linux
Natural fuser on Linux
Entire Network server on Linux
Entire Network client on windows pc
CVS on linux
NaturalOne for Eclipse on pc

So, developer get source object from CVS and develope code on NaturalOne accessing Adabas on linux using Entire Network.
When ready he move the Natural code on CVS ( versioning and building it )
Move the Build from CVS to Natural linux fuser.

What do you think about this solution? Is it available? Any idea?
Thaks for you help.


the typical scenario would be running an NDV-Server on Linux, so you develop AND run your programs on Linux,
via NaturalONE, from your Windows PC.

You won’t need Entire Net-Work here.

Your versioning (CVS (or SVN or GIT)) will happen on the NaturalONE side as well,
each developer does a checkout of the code to his local workspace and pushes
changes back to the versioning system.

Thank you! :slight_smile: