Working With SVN on Linux


I need some info, how to work with SVN with NatOne.
We try to establish a methodology how to work with SVN.

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SVN (Subversion) and Git both have plugins to the Eclipse interface (NaturalONE)

We are currently using NaturalONE and Git, rather than SVN. Git does a much better job of merging and tracking segments of code.

In a nutshell:

  1. Each developer has NaturalONE and Entire Network (remote access to ADABAS)
  2. Each developer clones the source code repository onto their workstation and loads into NaturalONE (import)
  3. Developers are required to work in personal branches (created from the master branch)
  4. When a change to the source code is made on the developers workstation, the change is committed to the developers clone of the source code repository and the ‘pushed’ to the remote source code repository.
  5. Changes are merged from the personal branch into the target branch representing the target environment (development, test, produciton)

Note: Developers are also required to update their personal branches by merging in changes from the master branch to stay in sync

Think of this as multiple FUSERs spread across various developers workstations.

NaturalONE provides an wizard to generate the ant script necessary to package the source and deploy it onto the target environment via Natural RPC servers.

I have succeed to save my project on the SVN.
Now, I want to deploy it to my Linux test Env, using “Object Handler”.
I am not fully understand, how to write the script to load it (I have several Library to load in the same project)?

Are you using NaturalONE?

Yes, I am using NaturalOne.

For deployment you should use the NaturalONE deployment wizard. There is a nice description in the documentation how to use it (see The wizard generates an ANT script that you can use to deploy the application to an execution environment outside ONE.