How can we use Team Foundation Server with NaturalONE?

I was tasked with evaluating NaturalONE for our shop and we are going with it. I now need to find out if it’s easy to use Team Foundation Server with it, for version control and team development. I’ve looked through the forums and have read things that seem to contradict each other, but perhaps just due to my limited knowledge.

My question is, we’re using Natural in ADABAS, and will be coding in NaturalONE – can we do version control and team development with this set up?

If so, what else would we need to purchase, and where would we find instructions on implementing this?

Well, NaturalONE is Eclipse based, and there is a TFS plugin for Eclipse

So I don’t really see why that wouldn’t work.

I only can agree, the Eclipse Plug-In can be installed in a NaturalONE environment and you can share a Natural project with the TFS plug-in. For deployment, you have to adapt an approriate Ant script and you can use an ant script available e.g. for subversion as an example.

Let me add that if you use a Jenkins CI server (with TFS plug-in) for deployment, you would not even have to adapt the deployment scripts generated in NaturalONE, since the checkout step of the deployment process can be done by Jenkins, and the remaining steps are independent of the used version control system.
Kind regards, Thomas