Compile script


I’m new with this technology. I would like to integrate existing Natural/Adabas developments into an application lifecycle management. The first thing is to provide automated scripts to compile natural/adabas developments. Is it possible to compile using manver or something similar?

Regards, Felip


I’m not sure what Manver is, or do you mean Maven ?

Anyway, something like that is possible yes, although I am not sure if the Community edition can do it. NatONE can create Ant scripts to deploy your project using an NDV server. These scripts use some SAG supplied Jar files that are necessary to talk to the NDV server and deploy the modules on the Natural server. This procedure requires that the sources are in Subversion or CVS (being the only 2 versioning systems officially supported by SAG so far) but you can always modify the generated script to use something else (you only have to generate it once for a project and then you just reuse it for every deployment).

Just have a look in the documentation for the details (Using NaturalONE -> Deploying applications).


Sorry for the typo. it is maven.

Thank you for your response. That’s exactly what i needed.

Regards, Felip