Natural Certification : Natural Certified Developer

Hello everyone,

I have planned to take the natural certified developer certification. I have not come across anyone who has given in the recent years . Is there anyone who has taken the certification in the recent years and can throw some light on the exam ?

Any kind of tips and pattern of the test would be helpful.

Thanks & Regards
Lokesh Sathyamoorthy

An early version of the test was offered at a Natural Conference (in Philadelphia, I think), but that was too many years ago to remember any of its content. Offering it in Reston is a bit inconvenient for those of us on the West Coast, so I can’t provide any tips.

Have you reviewed the course description on the GES site? Here is the list of subject areas from that webpage:

  • General Natural knowledge: Benefits of using Natural, application areas, platform and database availability, components of a Natural system, development scenarios
  • Natural syntax: Statements, data types, data declaration, data areas, system functions, system variables, DBMS access principles, Natural DML for Adabas access, error handling
  • Application Architecture: Modularization, subprograms, subroutines, invocation, parameter passing, data access layers
  • Project related activities: Agile Programming tooling, getting help and support
  • NaturalONE environment and features: Usage and operation, NATStyle, NATdoc, Testing, Debugging, Predict plugin and Browse Data

Thanks Ralph. I found this document in the GES . It has a good overview of the examination.