NATURAL Certification

Did anybody go to the process and obtained the certification?
I read the information on SAG’s website and wonder how one could take the certification without ever worked with SPOD and/or NAT 6 on Windows, because of the requirements of the exam.

I work with ADABAS/NATURAL since 1984 and would like to hear from those that are considering the certification.

Yep…recently I obtained the certification. It

Thanks Prakash.

What kind of certification title you get? NCP for Natural Certified Professional???

How long have you been working with NATURAL/ADABAS??

Hello Prakash,

This is mukunthan sundararajan. i am planing to take the certification. can you please tell me where you have taken the natural certification exam. please mail me the info to my email id what kind of certification you got. did you take the exam in prometric center.
your quick response is highly appreciated.

many thanks
mukunthan sundararajan

Software AG currently administers the tests at its own testing centres. For more information, please see If a testing centre is not located near you, contact your local Software AG office ( for assistance.

Hi Prakash, can you please tell me any test centers to do the certification in natural.