Twitter Provider, Send Message error

This is an inflammatory post,

In current version of Twitter provider the SendMessage API only have text as Input Parameter. By running this service, once can get error from twitter as screen_name, user_id or id is required.

To fix go to <>/packages\WmTwitterProvider\connectors\com.softwareag.cloudstreams.twitter_v1.1 folder and edit com.softwareag.cloudstreams.twitter_v1.1.xml file. Now find resource entry for path /direct_messages/new.json and modify parameter with name "screen_name" and make isRequired property as "true".

Now save it and reload the package. Refresh your designer and recreate the connector. You will see an input called screen_name now.


The resource description of Send Message says:
“Sends a message to the user specified either by user_id or screen_name.”

In a number of Twitter resources, you need to pass either screen_name or user_id as a required parameter. Since you can pass any one of these two values, they have not been marked as mandatory. To pass any of these values, go to the parameters tab and select the desired field.



But actual connector service doesn’t pass either of them by default.

I had to do the said modification to make it work.

Thanks for this information, Now I would be able to select optional parameters.