First, I’m spanish and y don’t write english well, sorry.
I try to execute some code examples (NonGreeting.java, XMLGreetingDOM3J.java …)
I add in the CLASSPATH this: C:\Archivos de programa\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino\SDK\TaminoAPI4J\lib
I use JBuilder Compiler. I add to the proyect the files from C:\Archivos de programa\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino\SDK\TaminoAPI4J\lib<BR>The files are: javaJDOM.jar, jdom.jar, log4j.jar, TaminoAPI4J.jar, TaminoJCA.jar, xercesImpl.jar and xmlParserAPIs.jar.

The result is that the file is fine, the compilation it’s ok.
I try to execute and its produce TServerNotAvailableException.

I execute the Tamino Manager and I add a database with the name mydb (It’s exactly the name that te example put).

Now, the error it’s again. I don’t know how it’s wrong, can you tell me some idea to conect with the database?
I need to connect with the database… :smiley:

I forgot to tell that the database that I create (mydb) it’s start and running.

What response do you get if you use the following URL in browser?


I can’t see the page http://localhost/tamino/mydb?_diagnose=version
The page not found.But I don’t know why.
Thanks for help me

Hello Pablo,

Just a few more questions. Is your web server:
   a) configured to access Tamino?
   b) on “localhost”?
   c) running?


I find the error, I don’t install the Apache Server… I thought (past of think) that the apache server isn’t necesary.
I unistall all the aplication and then i install again all the Tamino and the Apache Server and it works correctly.