TSD3 SQL mapping

I need to know the correct process to map a SQL table from Adabas D.

I have tried to do it, but it doesn’t work !!!

Thanks in advance !!!

First of all you must ensure that the ODBC driver of Adabas D is installed. In the ODBC Data Source Administrator of Windows you must add a data source. In the Tamino Schema Editor (Version 3.1.2 or later) you must select a node in the schema tree. The node must be the schema node, a sequence, a choice or something like that. Start the ODBC Wizard (Menu Tools). In the first dialog add the data source name you have specified in the ODBC Data Source Administrator. If necessary, enter user ID and password. On the next page of the wizard you must select a table. On page “primary keys” select the primary keys (, if the ODBC driver does not deliver primary keys). On the last page select the column you want to map. After you have finished the Wizard a sub-tree below the selected node is generated. The sub-tree has a node with all mapping information of the table. Below this node you will find a sequence with some child nodes. These nodes will be mapped to the columns of the SQL/ODBC table.

Thanks !!!

I use the ODBC Wizard but the Schema Editor window is closed when i’m trying to connect.

I’ve tried so many times but the same error apears, “ has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program.”

I don’t know what’s wrong !!!