Translating incoming EDI

Has anyone written services that take an element ID and a code as arguments and return the name? Here is an example:

If you are translating an incoming X12 purchase order, and you get to the N1 loop, you want to know what code is in the N101. The X12 standard identifies many different codes that can be sent in this element. The element ID for N101 is 98. Let’s say the first instance of N1 has the value “BT”. You can look up the value “BT” in element ID 98 and see that “BT” is “Bill-to-Party”.

So, the service I’m looking for takes 98 and “BT” as input arguments and returns “Bill-to-Party”.

These codes (like the valid values for N101) are stored in webMethods somewhere. They are most likely stored in flat file schemas or SEFs.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

No way dude! WM have no descriptions for EDI messages.