Conversion of values from database to edi

Can anybody please give me the detailed scenario of how to convert the values in the database to edi.
Thanks in advance…


we posted some responses in this thread.

Also please check the WmEDISamples,WmSamples packages it has very good sample services/code.

Have you used the search functionality in this site?since there are lot of threads which might have discussed on the same scenario.


BTW,you can use the JDBC Adpater(Is6.xserver) or WmDB(IS4.6server) for extracting the values from database and regarding EDI mapping refer to the WmEDISamples package.
And it will be a good start up.


Please refrain from double posting. It won’t get you any help any faster and it will annoy the people that are likely to help you.

Any one could expalin me with the clear documention regarding how to map the values in the database to EDI, EDI to Database , XML to Database ,XML to Flatfile, EDI to Flatfile by using which services respectively.

Advanced thanks a lot for the information and for the consideration

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Lot of threads discussed on this procedure,please use the search functionality provided in this site,you will be surprised after seeing the results.

Do check these wm provided sample packages for better understanding(WmFlatFileSamples,WmEDISamples,WmSamples,JDBCAdapter documentation)