EDI Implementation Guide ?

Hi All

1 where to download EDI Implementation Guide ?
2 i am using EDI transaction X12 4010

EDI : 850 856 823 810 997 867

So i want to know any web site or advice to find out where can i get EDI implementation guide for above EDI transaction?


Implementation guides are partner specific. Either your company or the company with which you will exchange these transaction sets will create the implementation guide. You will likely have multiple guides for each transaction set. For example, if you exchange 850 with companies A, B and C, you may have 3 implementation guides–and each will be unique.

Or, if your company is either the “customer” or the “bigger” partner, you can define the guide for others to use.

wM does not provide tools for creating implementation guides. There are commercial tools available for this, which may be advisable if you have many partners and many guides to manage.

You can also find implementation guides available on the web for various companies/organizations. You can use these to guide your own guide development.

As Rob said you can create implementation guides using tools like EDIFECS or EDISIM products.Try google it for more information!


i developed msg segment in 850 map EDI Inbound map,
in case singale msg willcome , op will correct
in case multipul msg wiilcome, op will come in order

any body any idea pls send the logic

What logic are you expecting per your reqs? Are you mapping EDI to XML or FF format? Did you have N9/MSG loop step and where you stuck header or line level?