translate wm_login

Hello everybody

I’d like to translate the standard login control. In the deploy folder of the mws I found language files of the control. My idea was to translate one of this…

I took the wm_login_de.lp File and extract it.


  • change the
  • extract the jar file
  • rename and translate the wm_login_sys_de.xml
  • change the lp.component.xml

The jar file include two different class files. After decompiling->translating->compiling of the class files, I create a new jar file.

I put all the changed and translated files together and build my new “wm_login_it.lp” file. Deploy it over the mws-deploy folder. But the login control is still in English, although the browser language is Italian.

So I try, to place the translated jar file into the mws updates folder and execute mws update. Without effect…

Has anybody an idea?

Thanking you in advance

From our I18N expert:

Hope this helps,
wm_login_it.lp (5.51 KB)

Thanks for the reply.

I use mws version

After I delete all files in the mws-temp folder it works.

Do you know how I uninstall a lp file? If I remove it from the deploy folder, the language is still available…