FSM Internationalization


Is it possible to rapidly translate the FSA application ?

I mean, is there a Java ResourceBundle file containing all the labels,
titles, button names, etc of the FSA application ?
We are working on a proposal that requires the application in 2
languages, with selection of the language at the login phase.
Yes, you know, this is Belgium (French & Dutch) !

If it is not the case (I cannot find the resource bundle in my installed
FSA), do you think it is possible to rapidly adapt the existing FSA to a
multi-lingual application, and how many man-days do you think it will
take. This, in the case we have to estimate this for the project.
Do you think such development could be then incorporated into the
standard FSA so that everybody could use it ?

Thank you for your answers.

Answer from Javier Camara.
Thank you Javier !!

As far as I know, internacionalization is possible:
- The texts for the user interface elements are in the screen templates.
They can be translated using the Localization feature of the Studio, or by
- Texts for error messages etc are in something very much like resource
bundles; they are .property files located in com/softwareag/tmb/server and
com/softwareag/tmb/smartclient. While in resource bundles there is a file
per language, here all languages are in the same file.


As for the estimation of effort… I really do not know, but well.

Since you need simoultaneous usage of 2 languages, you should use the Internacionalization feature of Tamino Mobile Studio. I have never used it, but it automatically creates and maintains copies of the resources so you can translate them.

This should take only about 1 or 2 days. Later, to implement the selection of the language I really do not know how it would be done, but I guess some part of the FSA projects should be changed; I hope not much. Anyway I would say it should take no more than another couple of days.


Javier C