Deploy FSA for a laptop/tablet PC


I would like to deploy the FSA application “mobile part” on a laptop/tablet PC instead of on a PDA.

What do I need to
- install (smartclient, tamino mobile db, something else)
- do in the studio

Will the application be deployed under another URL than /fsa/app ? Or will it be the same but it will detect that we want the “client” part of the application and not the server part ? It cannot detect based on the client that connects because it is still an IE. Will it detect it using the login, like it was in the first mService demo ?

Thank you for your answers.


Hi Francois,

unfortunately this is not that simple.

You will have to go through all projects under smartclient and add the deploy target for the server then you must check all views that may have a view selection rule IPQA attached to them. Here “All Devices” must be selected. Later on all projects must be componentized and the fsa_main deployed to the server. Also Tamino Mobile DB must be installed to the pc and configuration files adapted accordingly.
BUT: if all that work is done you have only the small PDA screens available…
There exist a PC version but it is not up-to-date. You may contact Ivo Dr