Using projectresources in IMFWorkplaceBootstrapInfoProvider2

Hi ,
I want to prepare my function list for multilanguage environment.In order to do this I’m calling replaceLiteralFunction of currently processing adapter class.

public MFWorkplaceInfo getWorkplaceInfo(IMFWorkplaceBootstrapInfo envInfo) { 
Adapter ca = envInfo.getCISessionContext().getCurrentlyProcessedAdapter(); 
 topic = new MFWorkplaceTopic(ca.replaceLiteral("ADFManagerWorkplace","system"), workplaceInfo);

I don’t know if it’s the rigth way.I couldn’t find another way.
As I seen currently processed adapter accepts that the base path is /HTMLBasedGUI . So I had to place my literal classes and images under HTMLBasedGUI .
Is there a way to use resources of my own project in IMFWorkplaceBootstrapInfoProvider2 implementation ?

Well it’s a very tricky way (and it works with some problem as you mentioned…) but it’s not 100% correct. ReplaceLiteral should be used only inside the adapter processing.
Pleas go on in the following way:

envInfo.getCISessionContext().getLanguage() gives you the currently active language

Then directly go to MultiLanguage Manager and pick the language from there. I just show you the code for the replaceLiteral() method that you already know about as example how to access:

public String replaceLiteral(String application,
                                String literal)
	return MLManagerFactory.

In your case “m_pageContextRoot” is the name of your CAI project, and the language is the one you previously got from envInfo.

…hope this helps…