TransformHierachyToFlat service problem

Hi Kamal,

I am having the same problem over here. I have my IDOC information been created as a document list in wemethods. For each document, in that document list, represent an IDOC structure of ORDERS01, and the strucutre do have values.

When i use the TransformHierachytoFlat service, there is an input paramerter called “boundNode”, to which i have mapped my document(looping over the document list of my IDOC structure). But i see that output parameters, IDOC_CONTROL AND IDOC_DATA are empty.

Kindly advice me on how to proceed further on this. My structure of my document list which holds the idoc is like this:

8504030finaldoc(orders01) → document => mapping this to “boundNode”
EDI_DC40(inside which it has all its elements)
: etc…

Please help…my head is spinning right now…


can somebody help me on tis…this is very urgent…



copy ORDERS01 document inside boundnode. to this map ORDERS01 from the pipeline

hi UMG,

thanks for your response. But i tried it before, it didnt work.
did you faced this problem before.

let me know how exactly you mapped to the inboundNode.