Posting IDOCS to SAP from BC

I receive an XML Document through a FTP site. I have associated this to a flow service. In my flow service, I am invoking documentToRecord to get my XML document and map it to a record structure.

After documentToRecord step, I am mapping my XML record structure to DELVRY03 structure. This is followed by step OutboundProcess. I got all this information from BIT531. My question is how do I map my DELVRY03 structure to pipeline in of OutboundProcess. Also, where do I get the transactionID. Is this generated automatically? In SAP, I have the inbound SHPCON message type assigned. Please clarify, how I need to proceed in the OuboundProcess step. As you can tell, I am still learning these things.

I have searched in the discussion groups looking for an answer. I have not been successful so far.

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The input structures for the OutboundProcess service (IDOC_CONTROL and IDOC_DATA or IDOC_CONTROL_REC40 and IDOC_DATA_REC40) can be created from a document in the pipeline using

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Thanks for the reply. I did not understand the solution.
These are the steps in my flow service

  1. docmentToRecord (pub.web:documentToRecord)
    Here the makeArrays has been set to ‘True’ and the boundnode from the service out is mapped to my record structure for the incoming XML document.
  2. I am looping through my XML record structure and mapping to DELVRY03
  3. OutboundProcess (
    My question is at the third step. How do I map my DELVRY03 to IDOC_CONTROL and IDOC_DATA or IDOC_CONTROL_REC40 and IDOC_DATA_REC40?

I would sincerely appreciate your help.


Before the 3rd step use the service this will create IDOC_CONTROL_REC40 and IDOC_DATA_REC40 respectively finally map to the OutboundProcess.


Thanks for the reply.

When I invoked sap.idoc:transformHierarchyToFlat, I am not sure about the inputs and the outputs to this service. How do I map DELVRY03 to transformHierarchyToFlat?



Check this link,if it helps.

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Thanks for the information.