Transactional Integrity....

Hello All,

         I have problem while integrating EDI transactions in TN.

1.I can make integrity between all outbound EDI msgs as same for my Inbound msg.

2.Whether I can have integrity(transactional) of both Inbound & Outbound EDI messages.

 To make this clear... How can I make an Integrity between  one Inbound EDI & one Outbound EDI??.

Thanks in advance.

Basically all the inbound/outbound transactions including FA’s are logged in EDITracking table (TN ext DB),and basically you can create FA reports,metrics via WmEDI,WmEDIForTN builtin services customize via custom flows and also look in the ISAdminConsole/WmEDI homepage.

PS:Review the webMethodsEDIModuleUserguide for more information on the tracking/reconciliation procedures.


hi rmg,

so is it correct to assume that we cant track any ongoing transaction as such by some webMethods supplied transaction tracking mechanism cause webMethods doesnt support it…?

and also that we need to use all the services available to us and by ourselvs design an robust document/transaction tracking mechanism…?


Yes,you got to utilize builtin report services and create custom wrapper flows by invoking those if necessary upon your requirements.But halfof the job wM/EDI module does for you.