Tranding Network + EDI = ?


I’m very pleased to post my first Thread on this forum :slight_smile:

Well, as I’m new to webMethods, I find it hard to understand what is the value added if I add the EDI module to the TN module. I already know that the Trading Network can exchange documents between Partners, what the EDI can also do, but I didn’t really see the difference.

Would you please explain (in few simple words) what is the value added by the EDI to the Trading Network.

Thanks in advance.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) you can google it for more information and with EDI you are dealing with trading partners who trade/exchange their orders/invoices/shipments via X12/EDIFACT/VICS/UCS/Tradacoms standards etc. transactions.So you must need EDI Module and with TN having it you can view/edit/manage transactions/onboard trading patners (hub/spoke mechanism)…

Please review the EDI Module/TNConcepts user guide for more information: