Submitting EDI into TN

Hi all,

I am using webmethods 6.0.1
i am submitting the EDI file to Trading networks.

While the trading networks returns back to a service, how i need to retrive the information from TN inside Developer.

In webmethods 4.6, we will be using BIzdocToRecord service which will do the operation. So i need to know how it can be retrieved in developer from trading networks.

Secondly, is there any way where i can get the entire EDI information, instead of the transaction sets alone(ST/SE pairs)

thanks in advance

You can use the tn.doc:view service to get the bizdoc, and set the getContent field to true. You have to the the bizdoc ID for the Envelope to get that back. If you double click the document in TN, you will see it on that first screen called document ID.
Good day.

Yemi Bedu.