Transaction Rollback from SAP to webMethods


This is regarding the transaction roll back entry when SAP sends IDOC to webMethods and the transaction is rolled back because of a service exception. SAP can’t retry and send the IDOC on the fly as SAP thinks the IDOC has already been sent to webMethods. The transaction is rolled back in the partner manager. Is there any way retrieving the transaction from the store and resubmitting the transaction from webMethods itself ? if possible any idea how we can automate the process. The transaction store is a file. I am not very sure if this can be configured to a database.

appreciate your ideas on this issue.

IS 6.1 with SP1 and other fix packs
SAP 4.5 SP5

Thanks in advance.


Hi Naveen,
why can’t SAP resend the transaction?? If it gets rolled back, then it will be stored in SAP’s tRFC queue (check SM58). You can resend it from SM58 and you can also automate this task: go to SM59 and display the corresponding RFC destination. In the menu there is an entry called “tRFC Options”. Here you can specify, how often and at what intervals failed transactions should be resend (leave the “Suppress job…” field empty).

The above works only for COMMUNICATION_FAILUREs. If you also want to resend SYSTEM_FAILUREs (e.g a Service failure at wM side) automatically, you need to create a variant for the report RSARFCEX. In this variant activate the flag “System error” (among other things), and then schedule the variant as a periodic job in SM36.

Resending from wM is NOT recommended! If a resend from wM works successfully, the status in wM will be Confirmed, while it is still Rolled back in SAP. This may lead to duplicate transactions, if the IDoc is later resend from SAP.

Cheers, Lanzelot

Hi Naveen,

One more Approach: After receiving IDOC into webMthods Convert into CanninocalDocument and publish to Broker. you can publish the same document from broker when ever you want.