SAP Adapter issue: intermittent rolledback IDocs

Hi all

Our webMethods (6.5, SAP Adapter is experiencing a strange behaviour when receiving IDocs.

We are working with one particular IDoc type for Orders, and the correct reception has been tested in isolation.

However, in the Production environment, only half of the IDocs are properly received. As it can be seen in the Adapter Transactions log, the IDocs are rolledback intermittently (one Confirmed, and one Rolledback) most of the time.
I wasn’t able to get relevant information from the logs. They say that the notifier was not available.

First I thought about a performance issue, that the IS was not able to receive a big amount of data. But this data volume is not that big, and checking the resources it can be seen that the IS has enough memory and threads in the pool. (Besides, sometimes there are minutes of difference between one successful reception and one which is not.)

Anyone experienced this before?
This is a Production issue, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Miguel Laguna

The answer posted in this thread solves the problem:;d=-536880993&tid=161062;26951
Forum: Adapters
Topic: SAP listener dead.

Unfortunately, I must say that to me it seems that the message “SAP listener dead” appears in some other contexts as well.