Rolled Back error in BC

I am trying to send idoc from sap to BC. Sometimes I am getting the error Rolled back in the transation of the Business Connector Server inspite of not having any errors in the idoc. Basically, sometimes the status is confirmed and sometimes it is rolled back. Whenever it is roll back i am not able to see the sender and receiver in the transaction. I have also attached the screenshot of the same for your reference.

Could you please let us know why this happens. This is a major problem we are facing as we would not be knowing which idoc is rolled back and whihc one is created.

Thanks for your help in advance.

roll back.doc (30.7 k)

Hi all,
As was mentioned in my previous mail we are getting rollback when i send idocs from SAP to BC. When i checked in SM58 i get an error (JCO.Server could not create server Function ‘IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS’). When i reprocess in SM58 the rollback’ed idoc in BC is getting confirmed. As of now i have scheduled RSARFCEX program to reprocess the failed idocs and was able to get the rollback’d idocs confirmed. But i dont think this is the traditional way of solving this problem.
Could anybody please help me in this matter as this is a very urgent issue which hampers my deliverable from going into produciton.

Thanks for your help in advance,

see if the user is unlocked from the SAP screen… try connecting from WM to SAP…

Hi Everyone, and Vani

we are having a same issue, What was a resolution for this problem?