Resubmit IDOC using WmPartner transaction log

Is there a way to resubmit rolled back transactions in WmPartner for outbound IDOC ?
Is there a guaranteed delivery feature (kind of recovery mecanism) to automatically resubmit outbound IDOC in case of SAP failure ?

PS: We are using a 4.6 SAP adapter

We too use SP5 [migrated earlier this year from previous SP] and as we have set a processing rule, all transactions that are submitted are retried should their status in the Transaction store be rolled back.
Additionally, we have scheduled job to clean up this store so that only ‘rolled back’ entries are present, example enclosed for perusal

roll back service
general.systemClean_retryRollBack.html (2.4 k)

oops bad attachment, I’ll export the package for you!

roll back service (13.8 k)

Thanks a lot Topster for usefull information provided and for your package,
I tried to install your package but my IS refused to.
My IS is 6.0.1 SP2 with SAP adapter 4.6 SP5.

If I understand the retry logic as been implemented by you, it’s not native and provided “out-of-the box” by the SAP adapter ?

I succeeded in importing your zip file (by copying manually the flow contents into one of my packages).

What I can see is that you implemented your own retry logic (which seems to suit well for your needs).

Is it mandatory to implement a custom logic for resubmission or does the SAP adapter provides a “default” retry logic ? In such a case where the retry max and retry delay can be configured ?

Thanks again for your help

here’s the package extract from IS6.0.1

example of a flow for roll back re-try (7.9 k)

do you use Partner Manager rule or are you using the SAP inboundprocess etc. when submitting an Idoc

Yes, we use Partner Manager with a routing rule to send IDOC through ALE to SAP.
We can see the transactions added in Partner Manager.


In your package ROLLBACK, could you pls explain following points :

After retrieving all transactions from the store, as a first action it is collecting all ROLLEDBACK ones and try to resubmit accordingly, but again we are doing the same stuff for CREATED transactions! Is it necessary ? Cud u let me know the significance of this particular flow ?

Sreedhar K


ignore the Created, in fact you can delete this step as this is not relevant for yourselves. this was from a dev package, hence a ‘bugette’.

The live service only utilises the ‘Rolled Back’ transaction step as this is what we are concerned with.

u cud utilise the step for ‘Created’, but for this discussion, you may safely ignore this.