How to resubmit document using Integration Server?

hai all,

I am working on SAP Adapter using webMethods 6.1 , While sending IDOC from IS to SAP Systems the document fails to go to SAP Systems.
how can i resubmit the document from IS to SAP Systems

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Hi syam

I want to say to just use savePipelineToFile/restorePipelineToFile to save/resubmit data in your flow. You can find those in the BISReference pdf.

If you are looking for something more, please explain your situation. Are you receiving a webMethods document? You can throw an exception and use the pub.flow:throwExceptionForRetry service which will retrigger the service.


hai cort,

Thank you for ur response Mr.Cort, I have one doubt about sending IDOC from IS to SAP Systems, ie is there any configuration needed in SAP Systems for sending IDOC from IS to SAP Systems.If u don’t mind plz explain briefly .

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At what step in your flow causing the problem when routing to SAP?Is it ALE:outboundprocess or rfc transport module?

Please tell about the error details,so some one can assist you in better approach.

Also go thru the webMethods_SAP_R_3_Adapter_Users_Guide_4.6 docs,it describes configuring SAPAdapter server alias,RFC listener,so you can send IDOC’s or XML’s from IS to SAP system.



I am also looking for same kind of solution. Let me explain my need, I need to resubmit some failed process meantime before resubmit need to do some business activities.Is it possible? Please guide me.