How to resbumit/resent a transaction after a failure?

During debug I manually modified the date field to cause an error.

When I checked the subscribe service in MWS and check edit Pipeline it’s empty.

How to perform resubmit/resent a transaction once it’s failed?

Thank you

Looks like the service is enabled for auditing which can be resubmitted.

Please check the service audit properties if the pipeline is saved for error and success.

Also, please share your service details.

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Thank You M@he$h
Service Details

Stateless: True
Pipeline Debug: None
Enable auditing: Always
Log on: Error and success
Include Pipeline: On errors only

As the service auditing is enabled and yes you can resubmit the failed transaction from the MWS/ Monitoring Services page.

Also please make sure the service logging is enabled as Database on your IS and working as expected.


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Thank rmg…

I have the Resubmit button enabled when error occured.

I tried to edit the pipeline e.g. modified the date and Resubmit it.

The message “Resubmitted service” shows up.

But when I check on the target application no record was received.