MWS Service Resubmit (silent?) Failure

Our server is currently not resubmitting messages - it seems to fail silently in the interface and the logs are unclear/empty.

We have tried:

  • Updating WmMonitor package URL and password to MWS server
  • Reloading the package

… it works in our test environment, which is similarly configured.

Are there any other logs we should look at? Perhaps we need to adjust the log level to capture the failure?

Hi Brad,

are there any messages in IS server log or error log?

These should give a hint why resubmit failed.

Please check the Remote Server Alias configuration, the WmDesigner package config and which Server is logged for the Service in Monitor UI. There might be a mismatch here.

What is your IS, MWS and Monitor version?
Any Fixes applied to these.