Resubmitting the EDI 997 FA Problem.

Hi All,

I am facing an issue while resubmitting an EDI 997 FA.

The FA was automatically generated the first time (autoGenerateFA = “ON” in the EDITPA) in Synchronous Mode. A service is Executed to send the Transaction out via EDIINT, which gets invoked by the Processing Rule/Routing Rule. This Transaction had a Delivery Failure Status.

When i am resubmitting the FA, the Default Processing Rule gets selected instead of the correct PR and the Transaction does not get sent out.

Any Inputs on how to resolve this will be helpful.


What happens if you “Reprocess” instead of “Resubmit”?

It gives the same result. I tried FTP’g the file to "/ns/wm/tn/receive" still i got the same result.

Are you trying to resubmit the related 997 Envelope or Group or X12 Version 997 document itself?? and what’s your processing rule criteria expecting in the DocumentType?


I was trying to submit the related 997 Envelope, The PR was expecting a Document Type of X12 Group…

You should change in the PR the DocumentType to X12 Envelope and this will trigger the right PR and process it.