Transaction, Group, No Envelope


I am creating an EDI Invoice to send out (X12 4010). We have a processing rule in place to send to our TP when the doc type is an X12 Envelope. However, when I publish the EDI to TN, an entry for the 4010 shows up, as does the X12 group, but no X12 Envelope shows on the TN portal, so the processing rule doesn’t kick in. Anyone know how to make the Envelope show up as well?

Thanks in advance!

You need to add the interchange envelope explicitly yourself.


Thanks for your response. I’ve looked around trying to figure out how to add an envelope, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. How would I go about explicitly adding the Envelope?

Using the call wm.b2b.edi.util:addICEnvelope service (it adds ISA/IEA interchange envelopes) and then X12Envelope will show up in TN.

Look at the webMethods EDI Module Built-In Services Reference pdf for more explanation,about this service inputs/outputs…


Thanks, guys, for your help. I tried usingthe addICEnvelope service, and it didn’t do what I was hoping. To be explicit–the ISA/IEA data already exists in the EDI text that TN looks at (so adding the addICEnvelope simply put another ISA/IEA around it.) If I open up either the 4010 document or the X12 document, you see the whole EDI, but there isn’t a Transaction with X12 Envelope listed as the document type.

IF ISA/IEA already exist in the edidata in TN then you dont need to use addICEnvelope explicitly…

Did you installed EDI document Types in TN thru WmEDI admin page??

Also make sure the doctypes X12Envelope,X12Group,X12 4010 810 (your transaction set) are enabled under TN DocumentType section.

Also if you are using TN TPA (Agreements) make sure your splitOption (Interchange or Group or Transaction) any of these in your default or partner specific TPA??