Transaction details are not getting opened in TN

Hi All,
When i am trying to open a specific transaction as part of TN, its getting opened. It seems i have to update a specific file with proper class path which points out some jar file which is required.

Could anyone please let me know how to mitigate this issue.


Hi R P,

Which version of webMethods you are using. and can you provide more details about the error ( in case if any) what you are getting.

I am using wM 8.0 version. I am not getting any error. When i am searching say with iDoc number,its displaying result but when i am trying to open its not getting open.


What TN document type is that you are trying to open?

sorry to for late reply.

Doc type is UNEDIFACT 97A INVOIC and i am using wM8.0 Version. Please let me know how to resolve this issue.


Hi RP,

You are not able to see the transaction mean that Activity log/Content/Attributes etc are not visible?


Yes, when i am trying to open its not showing anyting like Content, log, … (It’s not getting opened). Plz help me here

This is really weird, First point is you dont see any errors so it clearly says that problem is not with webMethods installation

Ok,Click on transaction page without searching anything, at this point are you able see Trasaction details portlet at the bottom of transaction page or not?

I have the same issue with X12 doc types in TN console.
The error I got:
Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.lang.ClassCastException:
.BasicIDataCodable cannot be cast to

I guess it’s a bug for TN console, since it’s going away soon, SAG won’t fix it.

As a workaround, you can use MyWebmethods UI to open them, it works fine.


Are you trying to open a EDIFACT transaction via Transaction Analysis page and getting the error while click to open?



I solved that prob. Just added one jar file in the classpath in one of the conf file.

Thanks all for ur help


Happy to see issue got resolved!!

Can you eloborate what you did and give some screen shots, it will help forum members…:slight_smile:

Which jar is it TN related?..

Please share the details with the forum back: