Trading Networks Console Error


I am using the following version of Trading Network Console,

webMethods Trading Networks Console Version
webMethods Trading Networks Server Version

When I go to Types->EDI->New, I get the following error,

ErrorDialog TRNCONS.000030.000025

The document type category that you have selected cannot be found by the Trading Networks Console. Please submit this error to webMethods customer care.

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com/wm/ff/parse/StorageException

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com/wm/ff/parse/StorageException at at at

Can anyone let me know what I need to do? I have installed the WmEDI package.

In the IS admin page, I can install the new EDI transaction set using the deprecated feature. However I can’t open the document type in the TN console. It gives the same error id.

Thanks in advance.

4010_850_Error.XML (2.8 KB)
TYPE_EDI_Error.xml (3.23 KB)

Please note,you cannot open/edit the EDI document types via TNConsole Document Types section.This is the standard feature on any release.


Editing EDI Document types in the TN console is a new feature in version 8 I believe.

In order to get this working you probably need to fix the ini.cnf file of your TN console located at \TNConsole\config. Mine contained an invalid reference to FlatFilePlugin.jar. The correct location is \Developer\plugins\FlatFilePlugin\lib\FlatFilePlugin.jar. After I updated my ini.cnf file and restart the TN Console I was able to edit EDI Document types just fine.

Give it a try.