Problem with Pipeline Information when using EDIforTN

Hi Experts,

I’m Using WmIS 4.6, Developer 4.6, Trading Network 4.6, TN Console 4.5.1, EDI 4.6 and EDIforTN 4.6 in my system

I had followed the Steps as specified in EDIforTN User guide chapert 4, for Installing the Template, DocType and NS reference.

When I’m sending a EDI document using Sample Document Submission of EDIforTN homepage, i’m not getting the following pipeline variables
Values, editn_grp, editn_xtn. I’m getting the rest of the information.

Its working fine with 4.5 verison of TN and EDI.

Also pls. let me know from where i can download TNConsole 4.6, i could not find this in Products Download List of

Any help on this will be highly appriciated.

Thanks in Advance

Not sure about the EDI problem, but the TN Console 4.6 gets installed at the same time as the Developer. We downloaded a webmethodsInstaller461.exe file and it gives you about 5 or 6 checkboxes to choose from (Developer/TNConsole, examples and read me files I believe).

Hope this helps!